Windows Android: How to Make Possible to Enjoy Android Apps on Windows

Some times we are think to add only Android Apps on windows which provides awesome user interface for our home based or professional works. Nothing is that only Android Apps also provide some additional views and software’s which works like rich operating system for smartphones and majority cellphone companies. Here we discuss that how to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and its apps on windows.

The good thing is that now we can use WindowsAndroid easily on the Windows OS with ignorance of all difficulties. Its works without any simulator like VirtaulBox that’s why it would be fast to run on system. WindowsAndroid works as Windows Kernel so you can run any type of Android apps and 3D Games once you download and install it on your computer.

If you want to know my own experience than WindowsAndroid has been so good for me till now. I used many apps and they worked great however it crashed most of the time as it is still in test mode. Here I mentioned you that Google Play is not supported by this application which is why you need to install apps on this tool via other solutions. ICS starts with the same unlock screen as seen in mobile phones. You can use your mouse to unlock the lock screen to enter the home screen.

Finally, when to install apps, you can paste the APK files of the apps into data/app folder that you will find in the installation directory of WindowsAndroid. Once you place the APK in the data/app folder, you can access them via WindowsAndroid ICS and install them directly. here the best thing is that this is the most original version of ICS and it doesn’t include any custom work. WindowsAndroid is one of the best way to avail all Android apps on your computer system without any hesitation and software’s configuration. Developers may also use this amazing Applications as for testing their apps.

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