Sync Facebook Friends Contacts/Pictures with Outlook Contacts

The main benefit of OutSync is for users who sync their smartphones with Exchange or Outlook. Updated contacts are copied to your iPhone/Windows Mobile/Android/BlackBerry devices, and their photos appear during phone calls.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can link Facebook friend’s DP (display picture) with Outlook Contacts? OutSync provides you just that with dead-easy interface. It is an open source tool to sync Facebook friends’ display picture promptly with matched Outlook contacts. Adding more, it also allows you to filter down the contact list to be synced with Outlook Contacts.

To get started, launch the app, and it will prompt you to enter Facebook account credentials. Enter login & password to let OutSync start populating contact list. The main IDE divides matched contacts at left side & conversely unmatched on right side of the window. For viewing matched contacts details, double click the contact, it will open all the relevant information in Outlook Contact Card.

For starting synchronization, click Sync in the bottom of the window to link it with matched Outlook Contacts. For verifying synchronization launch Outlook Contact window.

OutSync is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Seven.

Download OutSync From Publisher Site

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