Get SMS Notification for Suspicious Activities by Google

At this time, we know the most strongest online email services provider is Gmail and the search engine is Google. They are most reliable services as security and performance basis. First time Google introduced one of the best security system called Two-step authentication system for all their services. This system is more protected as compared to other password system because you will get random code on your cell phone and enter for login to your account every time. However, you can enable trust your system while entering the code so that Google will not ask you to enter any code on your personal computer for the next 30 days. That’s why you will be protected from any hacking activities and your all data will be safe.

Google has also introduced an alert system through which you receive alerts when somebody change your account information like user id or password or any thing else so the Google count this type of activity as Suspicious Activity. Google notify their users about these activities by sending email. This system is good for those users who are receiving small number of emails but those are receiving large number of emails in one day than they may miss some important suspicious account activity alerts by Google. It would be better to receive these Google security alert notifications over SMS. You can change notification from email to SMS so that you get notification on your phone for password changes and suspicious activities.

How to Enable SMS Notification in Google?

1. Login into your Google account and open the Settings page. Now click onSecurity option from left-side panel.

2. Now look at the Notification types option at the right-side panel. By default, notification types are set to Email but here we are talking about SMS notifications. So change the Notification type to SMS by checking the Phone box for Suspicious login attempt. To get more security alerts, you can enable the Password change notification types from email to phone.

On enabling the SMS notification option,You see this popup, Now Click on “Continue” button.
Google ask your Google Password again for verification your account. Now Re-enter your Google Password.
Enter your Mobile Number and click on ” Send Verification Code” button.
Google will send SMS verification code on your registered mobile number and ask you to enter the password that was sent to you on your registered mobile number. After entering the verification code, confirm your settings.
Now your Google account is more secure than before and Google will notify you via SMS when Google notices any suspicious activity in your Google account.

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