How to Show, View Passwords hidden under Asterisks/Stars

Whenever you open the Gmail login page the web browser, if you choose to remember it, has auto-filled the username and passwords fields for you.
You choose the username and password to be remembered by the browser because of the convenient of not typing the username and password every time you login to your Gmail’s account.

All web browsers use asterisk characters for making passwords secure.But, I’m sharing very easy tutorial for all of you.Now, you don’t need any external utilities or bookmarklets for this.This tutorial will guide you “How To Reveal The Hidden Passwords Under Asterisks”.

Here’s how:

1: Right click on password field and choose “Inspect Element“.

2: This will open the document inspector window.

3: After that Right click on selected line and choose”Edit as HTML”.

4: Now change the “password” with “text” After that you can see the password that was saved.

Also, the above screenshots captured from Google Chrome but you can use it across all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. If you are using IE, press F12 to open the Developer Tools window and then press Ctrl+B to activate the element selection mode.

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