How to Run PowerPoint Presentation through a Media Player

Microsoft PowerPoint, a tool that is essential for any kind of presentation. Used by students, teachers and employees everywhere, PowerPoint is the tool to use for their presentation. Now, it is taken into the next level, by being able to convert PPT files into AVI files. That’s right; the Internet has now made it possible to turn PowerPoint presentations into movies.

To make this possible, you will need special software. The program known as PPT to Video Scout is the kind of software you will need. As stated in the name, this program is what you need to convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video file, allowing it to be shown through DVD players and the like.

PPT To Video Scout Features:

  • PPT To Video Scout converts PowerPoint presentations to AVI or WMV video with sound;
  • Converts PowerPoint to video for Website (PPT to HTML page with video player for your own web-site);
  • Converts PowerPoint to YouTube ready video;
  • Keeps all original animations, effects, videos of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Supported video formats: WMV, AVI, lossless AVI and other external codecs (DivX and other);
  • Supported conversion modes: Normal (as viewed by F5 in PowerPoint), Automatic Slide Show, Manual mode;
  • NTSC, PAL and custom resolutions and frame rates are supported;
  • Supports All Effects, Animations, Sounds and Embedded Video in presentations;
  • Audio conversion and recording support;
  • NEW! You can Record Video With Yourself Narrating Presentation

How to use PPT to Video Scout:

Here is a step by step guide on how to use this program:


  • First of all, download and install PPT to Video Scout.
  • Next, open the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert into a video file.
  • After opening the file, Change the output file name and if necessary, the file extension name, then click on “Next”.


  • Click on “Next” as soon as you see the above window.
  • Upon completion, you will be shown a window concerning the mode of conversion for your file. You can choose to make it a normal slide show, making it act as if it was a plain old slideshow that starts up when you press F5, or you can make it a manual slideshow, where it won’t change slides until you press “Next”.


  • Clicking the “Next” button in the window will move you to the next window, which now requires you to change the resolution and frame rate of the video file. Make your changes according to your preference then click “Next”.


  • The next window will then deal with the sound settings of the video. You can choose to unmark “Sound Recording” if you do not wish to record sound from the presentation you converted. Note: If you wish to record the sound for your presentation, make sure all other sound players are off, as they can be included in the recording.
  • Finish everything up then click on “Next” to begin conversion.
  • Another window will appear again. Just click on “Next” to continue.
  • The final window will appear, with a message saying “Congratulations!” This means your presentation has been successfully converted, and then you can choose to open the file or open the folder where the file is located. Click “Close” to finish up.

Final words and thoughts:

And that is how to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a movie file. Now it is possible to show your presentation in class or conference using a DVD player or any similar device, meaning you can opt not to bring along a laptop or worry about their machine’s version of PowerPoint being compatible with the PPT you made.

[Download PPT to Video Scout]

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