How to Restrict Access to Hard Disk Partition/Removable Drive

We are Talking About How to Restrict Access to Hard Disk Partition/Removable Drive With the Windows Registry Editor.

This setting allows you to control s to the drive content. Restriction prevents users from using My Computer or Explore, They cannot use Map Network Drive, Run, or the Dir command to view the directories on these drives.
It is possible to allow and restriction to all drives or just selected ones.

Follow tehse step:
Step 1 : Open windows registry editor by the pressing WIN + R button
Step 2 : Navigate to the string


Step 3 : Create a new DWORD Value and rename it to “NoViewDrive” without the quote

Drive Security

Step 4 : Restart Explorer

“All drives will be visible as long as this value’s data is set to “0“.
A: 1
B: 2
C: 4
D: 8
E: 16
F: 32
G: 64
H: 128
I: 256
J: 512
K: 1024
L: 2048
M: 4096
N: 8192
O: 16384
P: 32768
Q: 65536
R: 131072
S: 262144
T: 524288
U: 1048576
V: 2097152
W: 4194304
X: 8388608
Y: 16777216
Z: 33554432
ALL: 67108863

Example 1# To Disable Drive D and E. You would be add 8 for D and 16 for E , which means the Decimal value should be set to “24
Example 2# To disable all the drive set the Decimal value to ‘67108863

Drive SecurityNote : “NoViewOnDrive” value uses a 32-bit bitmask to define local and network drive access for each logical drive in the computer. The lower 26 bits of the 32-bit word correspond to drive letters A through Z. Drives are visible when set to 0 and hidden when set to 1.

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