Reset Your Windows 8 OS With Windows 8 Reset Utility

Windows 8 (Developer Preview) the latest operating system from Microsoft provides a huge and varied list of options which allows to customize our PC in

just the way we want it to work.

That also involves providing alot of personal information to access the cloud service.

Now if you are planning on selling your PC or you want to remove all the customization and personal information than you can Reset Windows 8.

The Reset utility attempts to reset all the changes which you have made to the system in order to bring the system back to original factory settings.

The Refresh option gives a little boost to PC performance by restoring your PC system settings to default and removing all the applications installed from third-party resources.

To Reset Windows 8 you can follow these simple Steps.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel from the Start screen.

Step 2: Click to the General Tab. In the General Tab click go to Reset your PC and start over option and click on Get Started.

Step 3: When you click Get Started under Reset your PC, it will show the changes which will be made during the process.

Click on Next.

Step 4: First, it will start preparing your system for a complete Reset.

The total time taken to complete the Reset process will depend on your hardware configuration, hard-disk size and the magnitude of modifications you have made in your PC

When Windows 8 restarts, You will see Resetting your PC progress At the bottom.

After the Resetting your PC progress finishes. Your PC will reboot again and update the Registry Settings.

In this step, Windows 8 will now identify all devices and ready for use.

Once the process is finished, Now you will be prompted to enter the License Key. You can enter the License Key now or Skip this step for now. For Windows 8 Developer Preview you can use these License Keys :

For Windows 8 Developer Preview :


Now, accept License terms and click Accept to proceed further.

It will now start loading Windows 8, Enter the Personalization details and follow the on-screen steps to set up your PC.

Thats it ! Simple and Easy.

Note: These system repair utilities have made Windows 8 reinstallation and repair processes not only easy but also free from any type of system failures and other risks. The Reset and Refresh repair options can also be accessed from Boot Menu under Troubleshoot window, which includes advance system repair options such as, System Restore, System Image Recovery, etc.

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