How To Reset Your Android Pattern Lockscreen

The Google Android operating system offers ways to protect your data. Setting up the mobile password or the screen lock is good But what happens if you somehow forget that pattern? Believe me, it happens — especially for folks like me who have more than one Android phone, and each one has a different pattern. Or, what if you have sneaky co-workers who place a security pattern without your knowledge?

How are you going to get into that phone? Fortunately, the developers of the Android platform have thought of just that. Check out the step-by-step instructions below.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Try to guess the pattern several times
  2. After about 5 incorrectly drawn patterns it will lock you out and tell you to try again later.
  3. But you will now notice that on the bottom right of the screen you now have the option to select “Forgot Pattern”.
  4. Tap the “Forgot Pattern” button.
  5. Enter your Google account Username and Password that you use on the device.
  6. Click “Sign In” button.
  7. Once you’ve successfully authenticated the account associated with the phone, You’ll now have the ability to Draw a New unlock pattern.
  8. Draw the new unlock pattern (make sure to remember it this time!)
  9. Tap “Confirm” button on bottom right.
  10. That’s it! You should now be on the homescreen of your Android device with a new unlock pattern set.

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