Remove/Edit Watermark from Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft always puts watermarks on products which are in beta format. few month before, Microsoft released Windows 8 Release Preview with a small watermark on the desktop.

After complete installation Windows 8 Release Preview comes with a watermark that says

Windows 8 Release Preview, Evaluation Copy, Build 8400.

This is basically the information about the operating system currently installed on your system.

How To Remove Watermark:
You can remove this water mark using a simple software know as My WCP Watermark Editor.
This application will remove the watermark and will give you a simple and clean desktop.

How To Use:
First of all Download My WCP Watermark Editor from this link.
After Download Complete, Install the software and check option ‘Remove all watermarks’ and click on “Apply new settingsbutton.

This will take a sometime according to your system configuration. In our case it took 2-3 minutes. After the settings have been patched into the system you will get a windows like the one below.

Now reboot your system and make sure you change the current wallpaper only after which you will see the changes. It may also happen that the watermark may finish without changing the wallpaper.

Like the picture above you will not find any watermark on your Windows 8 Release Preview Desktop.

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[Download My WCP Watermark Editor]

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