How to Re-enable Disabled Services and Windows Features After Virus Attacks

If you have been working on a Windows machine for some time now, you must have come across many computer virus attacks till now. Also you might be knowing what the system status is, after each attack. There are many different kind of computer virus and malware, each having their own type of adverse effect on the computer. Even if you have successfully removed the virus from your system, your computer might be struggling.

Re-enable was designed to repair the left over damage caused by Viruses,Malware Trojans.
Re-Enable plans to change all this with a dead-simple tool.
Make sure the viruses have been removed before running re-enable for best results however If you do run re-enable with viruses still running the viruses may undo re-enables repairs.
For a list of virus removal tools see the download page. If re-enable fails in any way ,chances are the virus is still running.

With one click Re-enable will repair the following windows features.

  • Restore F8 safe mode menu
  • Registry editor
  • Command console “cmd”
  • System restore
  • Start menu Run command
  • Task manager
  • Task scheduler
  • Safe mode
  • Right click context menu
  • My computer properties
  • Folder options
  • Windows explorer search
  • start menu search
  • Reset file and folder attributes
  • Ms Config
  • Restore explorer registry key
  • Re-enable will also edit hosts file
  • Scan and delete Autorun.inf files


Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 Sp1 (or above)

Re-enable version 2 is also available .Net version or Installer (Stable) version.

I would recommend that you use the .net version as its size is considerably smaller or use the installer version.

[Download Re-enable]

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