How To Recover Firefox Master Password

FireMaster is a free password recovery tool that lets you recover Firefox master password using a combination of methods, including the dictionary method, hybrid method, and brute force method.What if you have one day suddenly lost the master password? You will lose all the stored credentials, and it’s close to impossible to recover your passwords, which have been encrypted by the master password.

FireMaster is the first ever built tool to recover the lost master password of Firefox. Master password is used by Firefox to protect the stored sign-on information for all visited websites. If the master password is forgotten, then there is no way to recover the master password and user will lose all the sign-on information stored in it.However user can now use FireMaster to get back all their stored credentials. FireMaster uses combination of techniques such as dictionary, hybrid and brute-force to recover the master password from the Firefox key database file. Now it also supports patten based password recovery mechanism which significantly reduces the time taken to recover the password.

FireMaster.exe should be run from the command line with arguments based on the method you want to use to crack the password. Visit the developer’s site for complete details on how to use FireMaster to recover your master password.
Current version v5.0 supports for automatically discovering default Firefox profile path, Support for showing up larger numbers & total time, Silent mode with no verbose messages and prompts etc.
FireMaster is successfully tested with latest Firefox version 5.0.1 and it can recover master password successfully from any Firefox, starting with version 1.0 or more.

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