How to Password Protect Apps on Android

Do you ever want to keep your text messages secret on your android phone? I’m going to show you another security option that allows you to pick out specific apps that you want to password protect on your Android smartphone.It can protect installed applications as well as native apps such as contacts, messages, file explorer (My Files) etc. The app also supports password lock as well as pattern lock which seems very convenient for a smartphone.For example, you don’t want to use a password on the lock-screen because you find it annoying to have to type it in every time you unlock your phone. But yet you still want to make sure that important apps on your device are protected from unauthorized users..No problem, we’ve got an app for that!

Steps to Lock Application in your android phone using password

Go to the Android Market.

Search for “Perfect App Protector” by Morrison Smart Software.

Install Perfect App Protector (Its Free!)

Launch the App and type in the default password (7777).

After successful login, your first job is to change the default password. tap ‘Settings’ on the screen and scroll down to find ‘Chang Password’, tap to register a new password.

Tap on “ALL” from the application to Pick Apps that you want to password protect (Text Messaging, Email, Voicemail, Market, etc) and touch the lock button. You’re done.

From now, whenever you try to open the messages application, the password should be entered to see the texts.

A normal question that would arise in your mind is “What if someone uninstall the application?”. The app developers considered this a s a chance and pre-locked the package installer in android so that no application could not be uninstalled without password. Make sure that Auto start is enabled in settings to restart the lock service when phone is restarted.

[Download Perfect App Protector From Google Play]



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