Microsoft Reveals New Email Service Now Available for Use

2012 sure is a busy year for Microsoft. Compared to innovative competitors such as Apple and Google, Microsoft appears to most young consumers as a geriatric company–one that makes clunky, albeit reliable, software. The Fortune 500 company has been trying to tackle that image this year by releasing the slicker-looking Windows 8, and jumping into the tablet business with its Surface tablet.

A few months back, there were rumors on net that Microsoft was going to start a new email service and now it has finally been revealed. According to news, Microsoft just changed its popular email service Hotmail to Outlook. The new email service, Outlook is designed with a fresh UI matched with Metro Style. As we know, nowadays Microsoft is converting every product including Windows 8, Office 2013 and now their email service as well into Metro Style. The new email service Outlook has all major features that people are always looking for in email services.

Microsoft’s new email service Outlook comes with unlimited email storage capacity which means that as of now there is no limit to the number of emails you can receive and store in Outlook. Unlimited space for emails is quite generous as compared to the most popular email service Gmail which offers limited space to store emails. Before talking about its other features, I want to discuss its look. In my opinion, appearance wise, Outlook is far better looking than all other available email services. Outlook has a clean user interface with Metro based style. When you will try to move one folder to another in Outlook, you will notice that a progress bar appears at the top of browser, similar to Windows 8 Metro progress bar. Microsoft has tried to design Outlook to match the look of Windows 8 Metro and Microsoft Office 2013.

Now let’s move on to its features. Top 10 features of

1. has a new design that Microsoft says uses 60 per cent fewer pixels but 30 per cent more messages visible in the inbox

2. connects to Facebook and Twitter to enrich conversations. Users can view recent status by friends and Tweets shared by friends.

3. Users can chat with Facebook users and other Outlook users from inside

4. Users can open, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in

5. Outlook’s address book integrates contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. With users can make Skype video calls even when both users don’t have Skype installed. This feature will be rolled out soon.

7. Photographs attached with emails can be viewed as a slideshow.

8. comes integrated with with Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive, this removes the restrictions of attachment size limits.

9. automatically detects mass messages such as newsletters, offers, daily deals and social updates and puts them in separate folders. Users can customize the process to sort mail any way they want to.

10. Existing Hotmail users can upgrade to the preview and their email address, password, contacts, old email, and rules will remain unchanged. They can continue to send and receive email from their or or address.

Outlook service is also integrated with messenger service which offers the facility of live chat with your Outlook as well as Facebook friends. You can import contacts from other email services like Gmail and Yahoo and can also link your Outlook account to Twitter and Facebook. Outlook users can setup Outlook on their mobile devices as well so that they can easily use this new service anywhere in the world. I have reviewed most of the features of Microsoft’s new email service Outlook. Keep reading this blog to get the latest updates on Outlook and other informative news.

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