Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8

In previous post, I told you about the launch of Windows 8 Developer Preview.
The new Windows 8 operating system was recently launched with a number of new enhancements. Other than the Metro based interface and other changes,

As many of the developers are busy in downloading the Windows 8 developers Preview version, few lucky users already downloaded the Preview version and started using the Windows 8 operating system. Below are the official shortcut keys to access some of the features in Windows 8 operating system.

Windows 8 Global Shortcuts

Key Function
Windows key+ Spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Windows key+ Y Switches to desktop view.
Windowskey+ O Disable device orientation,allows turning off the reaction to the tablets.
Windows key+ V Cycles through toasts
Windows key+ Shift+V Cycles through toasts in reverse order
Windows key+ Enter Runs Utilities Narrator
Windows key+ PgUp Moves tiles to the left
Windows key+ PgDown Moves tiles to the right
Windows key+ Shift+. Moves the split to the left
Windows key+ . Moves the split to the right
Windows key+ F Opens File Search App
Windows key+ C Opens Charms Bar
Windows key+ I Opens Settings charm
Windows key+ K Opens Connect charm
Windows key+ H Opens Share charm
Windows key+ Q Opens Search Apps menu
Windows key+ W Opens Search Settings menu
Windows key+ Z Opens App Bar

Windows 8 Explorer Shortcuts

Key Functions
ALT Key + A to open the “special features”
ALT Key + C O to copy the selected items.
ALT Key + C P copy the path to the file / folder.
ALT Key + C F copy the folder (use the drop-down list)
ALT Key + D delete the selected.
ALT Key + E edit the selected files.
ALT Key + H to show the history of file versions.
ALT Key + M move the files (using the drop-down list).
ALT Key + N Create a new folder.
ALT Key + P S insert label
ALT Key + P R open properties.
ALT Key + P E Open With …, select the application again using a drop-down list.
ALT Key + S A select all.
ALT Key + S N deselect.
ALT Key + S I invert the selection.
ALT Key + R rename a selected file (s).
ALT Key + T cut
ALT Key + V to paste.
ALT Key + W to create a new document, choose the template using the drop-down list.

Stay tuned, Once I get any updates about the keyboard shortcuts, I will update the above list.

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