How to Involve Your Followers In Instagram

How to Involve Your Followers in Instagram


Getting a lot out of Instagram requires a lot of interaction, just like with Twitter and Facebook. After all, a whole gallery of pictures posted online mean nothing if there was no one to look at them. This applies especially when you are using your Instagram account for promotion purposes, be it business, looking for work or even to just promote your website. There are 5 ways on how you can involve a lot of people in your Instagram account. Read on to learn them.

Always update your stream with your best images

A basic yet effective way of gaining and keeping your followers is to post regularly. Keep your stream fresh so that your followers will know you are still active. After all, when something is inactive in the Internet, it is a good indicator that the person no longer intends to add anything to it, effectively considering the account ‘dead’.

Don’t just post for the sake of posting though. When updating your stream, be sure that your followers will find interesting. They are following you, after all, so you should know what kind of content can interest them. Make sure you post new, fresh and exciting content; that way, it won’t feel like you’re doing this because you have to.

If you want, you can also consider making multiple Instagram accounts for different topics. This way, off-topic posts you make won’t cause sudden disinterest to your followers.

Interact with the ones you are following

Just because you don’t have any content to post doesn’t mean you won’t log into Instagram for the day; in these days, you can choose to look through photos of those you are following and comment on them. They will know that you are still active and will interact with you. Furthermore, put some life into your comments. Offer honest opinions about the photos, complete with feedback. Be sincere and don’t sound lazy. Being unenthusiastic about the whole thing will show that you are just in it due to some obligation you don’t want to do. Lively commenting on people’s content will encourage the same behavior towards your Instagram.

Follow your followers

Those following you in Instagram means you share common interests. Assume this is the case and follow them back. You showing your interests in their streams will mean that they will show interest in yours. It is all about reciprocation. Also, do not worry about them not having new content; just because they haven’t posted anything yet don’t necessarily mean they won’t show anything forever.

Hashtags are your friend

Hashtags help people find your Instagram account. By adding‘#’ before a tag, you are giving followers a lead in finding your account. It also grants it emphasis, making it much easier to see. Don’t tag all the words, though; tag only the essential words.

Search hashtags

As hashtags are a way for people to find you, hashtags are also a way for you to find people. Search hashtags that are relevant to your interests. This way, you can find people with interests similar to yours, allowing you to follow, comment and interact with them, as well as allowing them to do the same with you.

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