How to Install Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6 – Step By Step

Kerio WinRoute Firewall is an ICSA certified corporate gateway firewall for small to medium organizations. Equipped with clientless SSL VPN, McAfee Anti-Virus with dual anti-virus scanning option, IBM web content filter, bandwidth limiter, P2P blocker, Internet monitor and more, Kerio WinRoute Firewall provides a comprehensive network management and security solution.

Kerio Win-Route Firewall Basic Features

  • Transparent Internet Access
  • Security
  • Relay Control tab
  • Bandwidth Limiter
  • Protocol Maintenance (Protocol Inspectors)
  • Network Conguration
  • Remote Administration
  • Various Operating Systems Within The Local Network

Kerio Win-Route Firewall Additional Features

  • HTTP and FTP Filtering
  • Email alerts
  • User quotas
  • Blocking of P2P networks
  • Kerio StaR — statistics and reporting
  • Kerio VPN — proprietary VPN server and client
  • Clientless SSL-VPN

Now Installing Kerio Win-Route Firewall…!

First Download Kerio Win-Route Firewall From The CNet Site

After Download, doubble click on kerio-kwf-whql-6.7.1-6544-win32.exe, Select Language and Click Ok.

Extracting kerio setup.

After Extracting, Now Click Next.

Click on “I accept the terms in the licence agreement” button, and click Next.

Select the “Complete” Radio Button, and Click Next.

If you choose the “Costom” Radio Button Here is the Costom Setup Menu, and Click Next.

Select “Destinations folder” and Click Next.

Now Enter the “Username” and “Password” for Kerio Administration Console. Retype the Password for Conformation and Click Next.

If you Install Kerio Win-Route Firewall Remotely Click the Check-box. Otherwise Click Next Button.

Finely Click the Install Button.

See Installation Progress…….

Yahoo, Kerio Firewall Installed on Your PC,  Click the Finish Button for Exit the Setup.

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