InstaCover: Creating Covers for the Timeline using the Facebook Pictures from Instagram

At the end of 2011 Facebook has officially introduced the timeline or, for us web surfers the Bel Paese, Diary thus offering users the opportunity to view their profile and that of others in a way completely, or almost new, all accompanied by the image cover placed on display shows the top of the page.

The cover image, as you already know most of you readers, can be customized by selecting a photo or image to your liking, or even using special online tools.

Do you feel your Timeline cover is lacking? If so, check out Web app InstaCover. It lets you quickly and easily assemble a collage of your Instagram photos to spruce up your Facebook page.

It is very important that your cover photo must have unique and tell something about you to visitors that visits on your profile. Today, I am covering one free online service called InstaCover which helps to create timeline photo cover for your Facebook account using Instagram account photos.

How to Use This Service?

InstaCover service is very easy to use, first of all you need to login with your Facebook using the InstaCover Facebook login option. Once you login with your Facebook account using the InstaCover, you will able to design your own timeline photo cover from the Instagram User ID. You can also create timeline cover photo using Category (Like Pets, Nature, Sky, Food and many more) or using the Tags. You can also add the text using the Text option and able to set font size of your text. Once you have done all the settings, click on Preview button to view the result before going to get final result.

In Preview window, you can remove or rearrange any photo according to your choice and make them better. Once you final the cover photo click on Final Preview button while you in Preview window.

After that InstaCover will create one final cover photo for you and you can download your cover photo in system or save this picture to your facebook album.

Now you have your own timeline photo cover to use on Facebook account. Using this online free tool, you can easily design photo cover without any good knowledge of graphics software. It is the best way to create timeline photo cover using the photo which are uploaded on your Instagram account.

[Visit InstaCover Homepage]


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