Guest Writing was started with the aim of keeping the people of all over world up-to-date with the latest technology and telecom news, views and reviews. If you think you are a good writer and need a right platform to start your writing career, Read IT Solutions is the perfect place for you.

write-for-us is now accepting Guest Post. You can write on How-To’s (Teach me Tutorials), Gadgets (The Tech-Toys), Tips &Tricks (That make the readers say wow), Internet, and actually on anything that Jives with the site, subject to approval from the Editor-in-chief, of course.

We respect you and your efforts and all writers will be given credit for their articles by publishing their names with the article. But please understand, we only accept ORIGINAL CONTENT so, please don’t copy paste. It will be a waste of time.

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  • Gain Exposure – With over 1,00,000+ pageviews every month, and continuously growing community, you’ll surely gain huge exposure. (You really don’t want to miss this opportunity!)
  • Get Quality Backlink and Traffic – Now this is the best thing you will get in return. You will get one dofollow backlink. (Affiliate links are not allowed).
  • Author Bio with Social Links – You will definitely get credit for your hard work. We will add your author bio with social links at the end of the article.
  • Money – Regular contributors will get money also. We will give you 50% of the total earning made by your articles. We will keep rest 50% with us to feed our hungry mind, to pay for the services we use, to make the user interface more attractive, etc.

Note: – New Guest Authors will get only backlinks. You need to be regular contributor in order to share the same privileges.

Writing and submitting an article is a simple process. Just write your article in Notepad or Microsoft Word and send to us at yasirjilani15[at]

[alert-announce] How to get your post successfully published? [/alert-announce]

  • Write something unique, that would help you think widely.
  • Write original content. Copying from some other blog or website is unethical and illegal.
  • Research before you send us your article. A small mistake can mislead many people.
  • Keep the article length of at least 350 words and up to 1000+ words.
  • Structure your post into different sections including Headings, Intro, Subtitles, Body, Relevant photos, etc. Have a conclusion that will add up the spice (if possible).
  • If you are writing Tutorials, included link/download link where relevant.
  • You also have to send us the Featured Image of the post along with the article.
  • Don’t be aggressive and partial in your articles. Act as a neutral person and analyze the situation.
  • Try to stick to the Technology and IT Topics which cover a lot of categories.

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For giving full credits to you, we need your Author Bio.

  • Well written Author-Bio of approximately 30-50 words.
  • Author Image. Using Gravatar Image is must.
  • Social Links (Optional)

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Your submitted post will be personally scanned by Editor-in-chief. If your article follows all the rules stated above, we will publish your post. We will personally inform you for the same.

If you have any other questions, suggestions, feedback, or even criticism, do not hesitate to Contact us.