and 284 Other .PK Domains Hacked, MSN, Yahoo, Appl, ebay, NIC Coke, HP, Sony, Blogspot, Fanta and other 276 Offical Pakistani Domains Hacked by KriptekS of Turkey Hacker. Turkish Hackers are consider as world best defacers. And this time they proof them self again. Here is deface page.

Deface Page say’s:

Kankalarim hep yanimda arkadas içinde Yanimda olmayan mi var çekimlik her nefeste

And Google Translate translated this to:

My homies in a friend always there for me Have not shot by me with every breath

Hacker hasn’t left any message for anyone, unlike the norm that hackers follow to convey their message through such defacement.

However, there is a phrase saying “Downed Pakistan”, a sign of victory for hackers when the deface a website.

According to Pakistani hackers, they told on 9th-Nov-2012 that they Emailed to PKNIC and they were willing to fix the vulnerabilities But they took it as a Joke and today they g0t Hacked

“Why we have wasted our time to hack Pakistani Sites? Just because let us convey our message. We warned you and we were willing to fix your vulnerability but you think we are jokers and you guys took it as a joke? Yes it’s time to bang you guys!!” the hackers wrote.

Security researcher Rafay Baloch explains on his personal blog some of the methods that could have been utilized by the hackers to make it appear as if the sites have been hacked.

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