How to Fix Bootloop Problem on Android Devices

Nowadays Android OS is going to a Peak as compare to other OS`s and one of the most enjoyable parts of Android OS is that it’s an open source OS. Because of this open source OS, the custom ROMs and firmwares keep hitting the waves of web every now and then. Almost every Android experts suggested to stay away from custom ROMs and to keep on the stock firmware. They say so because of the problems that could arise by installing custom ROM and one of the major problems is that most of the android users running third-party ROM on their Android devices, face is ‘Bootloop‘. This happens due to system files interfering with each other, resulting in crashes of the boot sequence of the Android device and does not boot normally. This problem is very common now, and it is very easy to fix. If you are looking for solution about this problem, then this article is meant for you. Read the below section to know about how to fix bootloop error on Android phones and tablets.


After Installing Official Firmware Using Third Party Tool

When you installed Offcial Firmware Through third party tool then take off the battery from your device and reinsert it again after waiting for two minutes. If in case your battery is non-removable, then switch off your device for 5 minutes.
Now Use the shortcut keys to boot your device to enter into the Recovery Mode. If you Don’t know which keys? Dont get panic. For Samsung, use Volume Up, Home and Power; for HTC, tap  Volume Down and Power to enter into HBOOT, and then select the ‘Recovery Mode’ option.
In the Recovery Mode, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Now perform Wipe Cache Partition.
Again Go back to Recovery menu, and then choose the option ‘reboot system now’.

After Flashing a New Custom ROM

Now the first step is same as above, Use the Shortcut keys as mentioned before. Press and Hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons to boot your device into CWM Recovery. It might be Feasible that your device requires different sort of key combination to be pressed so as to get entered into CWM Recovery. So a quick search on Google for the information of correct key combination is recommended to all readers.
In Recovery menu, go to Advanced option, and then click on to Wipe Dalvik Cache. Perform Wipe/cache under Mounts & Storage.
and Restart your device.

After setting a wrong file permission

Bootloop delusion could be arised because of invalid file permission set by you. If this problem is occured, then Fulfil the following instructions that will bring solution to this bootloop error problem.

644 (RW-R-R) – This is the most common file permission. The possible areas of its existence are- /system/framework, /system/app, /system/etc, /system/lib.
755 (RWX-RX-RX) – This second common system permission is mainly used for /system/bin.

These file permissions can be fixed by following tips

Boot your Android device to TWRP or CWM Recovery Mode.
Go to Advanced option, and now select ‘Fix Permission’. Confirm the same.

After Restoring a Backup

Is the Bootloop fault pops up after the Nandroid Backup? Oh! You tried all, but nothing worked for you? Now The last and final possibility is to flash the original ROM thats it.

You can check out these feasible ways to get your Android smartphone or tablet recuperating from the Bootloop error and if the difficulty still stops at nothing , then do notify us what led to this matter, which device you are using and what’s the exact difficulty you are facing in your device. May be we have the solution to this and help you out further.

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