Fast Startup – Turn On or Off in Windows 8

A Shutdown is a Process that is hide in Windows 8.Sometimes it doesn’t fully completely turn off your computer when you choose it. More Suitably, it does apply to the computer and it goes to different kind of sleep mode making sure that it boots faster at any occasion when you switch ON your computer later. This function is called Fast Startup, Its your choice to enabled or disabled. If you want to Turn ON/OFF Windows 8 Faster Boot follow these steps.

1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options.

2. Click “Choose what the power buttons do” link on the left Panel.


5. The Shutdown settings options are grayed out in this screen. Now click them up by selecting the “Change settings that are currently unavailable link”.


6. Now check the “Turn on fast Startup” box if u want to enable, or uncheck it to disable it to make the system shutdown and start like normal. Then click to Save changes.


Note:- The Fast Startup option has an no effect on restarts. Whenever you choose restart option, Windows 8 will always need a complete reboot.

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