Facebook working on Chat Room Feature called "Host Chat"

Facebook is looking to launch a new feature named as “Host Chat” which will allow you to create chat rooms which your friends can join even without invitations unlike groups on Facebook. User will get update on their news feed that their friend is hosting a chat room and they will have an option to jump in.


After adding “Host Chat” to their service, users Timeline will have new option after “Add Photos/Video”.

Facebook told sources that they are testing the feature, but wouldn’t comment on details beyond saying “we do test things from time to time with a small percentage of users.” These tests can be as small as a fraction of a percent of all users and are sometimes isolated to particular countries, so it’s unlikely you’ll see this in your own Facebook unless the feature does well and receives a wider roll out.

The host would have the ability to set a topic for discussion, expel people, and set privacy options, though these chat rooms could ultimately end up connecting friends of friends. Privacy details could prove troublesome and could result in the project never seeing the light of day, however, it could end up being a valuable way to discover new friends via trusted mutual friends.

What are your thoughts on the idea?

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