Another Facebook Scam Alert. Beware of The Free Mini iPad Offer

Cyber criminals are advertising a Another Facebook app with the aid of posts that leverage the popularity of the latest Apple product, the iPad Mini.

According to Sophos experts, it all starts with a Facebook post that reads:
Are you a Apple fan ?
The Free iPad mini offer is on.
Go here – [LINK] to get Free iPad mini.
(see the image below).

Once you click on link, it will take you to the Facebook application
(see the image below).

The app will collect your personal data and misuse your account to further spread this spam by posting it on your Timeline.

If you’ve already taken the bait and clicked on the iPad Mini “offers,” be sure to revoke the app’s rights and remove all the posts it has made on your behalf.

Please share this message with your friends, and together we can prevent this scam from spreading.

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