Getting an Email Alert (with Picture) When Someone Tries to Log into your Computer

If you have doubts that someone else has used your computer or tried to access by logging in or you don’t trust your friend to whom you have given your password while sharing cubicle.

How to be aware of this cheat?

Introduction of a new website (made in Turkey), called is now resolving your problem. You will receive an email from them in which they will alert you and the picture of the intruder will be shown by them to you as soon as he/she tries to access to your computer. .

The method is given here, you can proceed by using your Mouse Lock. You log-in with your Google Account (they’ll send the alert to your Gmail address), click on a secret pin displayed before you on the screen. Hit your mouse cursor in a designated area on the Mouse Lock website and let the machine perform its operation.

Now when someone moves the mouse, it asks to enter the original pin. In case their attempt fails in first few seconds, Mouse Lock will send you an email and, if the computer has a webcam, it will use that to also snap a picture of the intruder.

Mouse Lock will help in identifying right before a minute it happens. Therefore no installation is needed .

The JQuery (Mouse Leave Event) is being operated to detect mouse movements while the webcam photographs are captured using the get User Media() API currently supported in Chrome and Firefox. The alerts, probably due to a bug, are triggered even when any of the keys are hit, makes it a little less useful since no method is found to lock the computer after setting up the monitor.

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