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Would you like to send out large or big files as an attachment to anybody via email? All of you very much aware about that there is a limitation of file size when you transfer from source to destination address via email. Most of the prominent email service provider like yahoo, gmail allows us to send 25 MB of file size each time i.e. we can’t send more than 25 MB file by yahoo or gmail. Is there any solution available to send file via email more than this limitation? Yes, we can send large or big files via email more than this limitation.

A better solution is Zeta Uploader, which offers send free email with download link to your friend upto 2GB of file size. Zeta Uploader offers two types of solutions, first online and another one is Windows application. Online version of Zeta Uploader is very easy to use and offers many features which is not available with other popular email service provider. After opening the the Zeta Uploader, you need to browser the file location from your local hard drive and enter the email address where you want to send email. Email remarks options is also available to give some extra information in email. Finally, Press the Upload now button and relax, your email will automatically send to your friend with the downloading file that you upload.

Along with these simple features, you can use some more advanced feature while sending the email. You can set expire time for uploaded file like 10 days, 20 days and 30 days. You can also set expire time for download link which automatically disable the download link after the perform specific numbers of download request. File protection feature is also available in advanced settings and you can protect the file download link with any password. Dropbox store feature gives you option to store the attached file in your Dropbox account.

I personally noticed that Zeta Uploader is the cool online solution to send larger files over internet without any hassle of limitations. You can use both online and Windows software solution to share any big files with your friends. Security feature with this online tool is appreciable to protect all types of file but you can use some extra layer of protection like use WinRAR and compress the file with password protection. Zeta Uploader  is completely free service up to file 2 GB of file size as attachment but you can buy extra file size limit after spending some money.

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