Easy To Access Pin Control Panel on Taskbar in Windows 8

As the start menu has been removed in Windows 8, so the quick launch feature of control panel does not work in here, as it is being disabled. Opening control panel in XP, Vista and Windows 7 was much easier whereas launching control panel in Windows 8 is not a single click job.

Accessing control panel in a much simpler and easier way is just by pinning it to the taskbar of Windows 8. There are many ways launching control panel in Windows 8. Would it not be great if you could access right from your taskbar to control panel?

In this article we will be explaining you how you can pin control panel shortcut to your Windows 8 taskbar. Have a look.

1st method:

Through desktop icon:

With the right-click on your desktop, select the personalize option. After it is being opened, just right-click on its Taskbar icon and select the option of Pin this program to taskbar. As personalize settings comes under control panel, so it automatically pins the control panel.

2nd method:

Through charm search:

The best way is the above one, as it is a one click process. Yet there is another way which can be added to your information i.e. by going to the charm search, and selecting “Apps to search”. Write control panel and then right-click the control panel icon. Finally, just click on pin to Taskbar option.

Now you will be seeing the control panel option pinned to the taskbar. You can right click and get access on the setting that you want.

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