Easily View Password Of Any Application Or Program In Your Computer

Many applications store your password behind an asterisk (*) for security purposes. But these passwords can be viewed by using many security tools. Asterisk Logger is one excellent utility that lets you view your hidden passwords of all applications installed in your computer. The best thing is that it’s free and easy to use unlike other tools.


Simply run the program and a blank window will appear. Open the window that contains the asterisk text-box you want to reveal and the passwords will be shown instantly.

You can select the desired password and save it into HTML file. You can also Log changes by going to Options.

According to the developers, this tool has the following drawbacks,

This utility works fine with most password text-boxes, but there are some applications that don’t store the password behind the asterisks, in order to increase their security. In such cases,

Asterisk Logger will not be able to reveal the password. The following applications and OS components don’t store the password behind the asterisks:

Netscape 6.x (Passwords in the Web page)

Dialup and network passwords in Windows 2000

Windows NT/2000/XP user management tools.

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