How To: Download Your All Info & Data From Facebook To Your PC

I have thousand+ Wall posts, Messages, Chat conversations, Status update, Photos and videos shared on Facebook. So what do I do when I want a backup of each and every thing I’ve ever posted?

Did you know that Facebook can help you out with that? Not many are aware of this Facebook feature or they must have decided to just ignore it.

Facebook introduce new Feature called “Download Your Information” This feature that will pack all your shared content into a digital box of data, which you can then download wherever you want.

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How To Download All Your Stuff From Facebook To PC

1.First Login to your Facebook Account. After Login to your account Click on “Gear” Icon on Right Top and Click on “Account Setting”.


 2. Here is your account setting Page, Click on “Download a Copy of Your Facebook data” link.

 3. Click on “Start My Archive” button to collect your all stuff.

 4. You will get a message like this from Facebook. Again Click on “Start My Archive“. if you want go back click on “Cancel” button.

5. Click “Confirm” button to generating your personal Archive.

6. Now it’s time to do another things, because it could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for Facebook to collect and pack up all your shared data.

7. Once your archive is ready. You’ll get an email that says your download is ready, and a link to click.

8. At this time You’ll have to enter your account password again, to make sure it is really you and click “Continue” button.

9. Now Click the “Download Archive” button, and you’ll be able to finally download the file containing all your Stuff.

10. When download complete open your archive folder, then double-click the file named “index.html” Your web browser will open, and you’ll see a bare-bones page with your Facebook profile, complete with links to your wall posts, photos, videos, friends, chat conversation and Facebook messages.

Keep in mind that these pages aren’t living on the Internet; instead, they’re sitting “locally” on your computer’s hard drive, and only you can see them (well, unless you share them with someone else, that is).

To find your actual photo and videos files, just open the “photos” and “videos” folders in your downloaded Facebook archive.


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