How To: Download Your Facebook All Photo Albums In One Zip File

One of the best features of Facebook are the photos albums, which allows you and all of your friends to upload an unlimited number of pictures to share with your personal networks.

I’m sure all Facebook user want to download all images that you uploaded on Facebook in a zip file. You don’t need to download images one by one you can download your all Photo Album in one single zip file.

How To Download Facebook Photo Album in Zip File:

1. First you go to Facebook2Zip.Com and Click on the “Login with Facebook” button.


 2. Click on “Go to App” button.(if you want to hide this application from your friends. you need to click on “Friends” button and select “Only Me“).

3. Now click on your name if you want to download images from your id and type name of your friend to download images from your friend Facebook id.(I choose my ID). and click on “Next” button.

 4. Now Press “CTRL” button on keyboard and select one or more album to download.(If you want o download all Photo Albums at Once Tick on “Select all the albums“) and Click on “Download” button.

 5. Now is time to some rest, because it could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for Facebook to collect and pack up all Photos  and Albums. You can Stop this Process at any time by clicking on “Abort” button.

 6. When process Done. Click on “Download” button to download your Facebook Photo Albums.

Warning. Sometimes you have to wait a few seconds before extract the zip file.
The file is still locked by the browser.

[Facebook 2 ZIP]

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