Customizing Metro Tiles Size in Windows 8 with Metro Scaler

As we know that Windows 8 has got a lot of tricks for customization such as Pinning control panel to Taskbar in Windows 8, Getting back quick launch bar in windows 8, disabling auto Login and getting back user list in Windows 8 with user list enabler and other various articles based on customization.

Do you know that Windows 8 don’t have a start menu? Are you aware of the fact that Microsoft has replaced Start Menu with Start Screen and Metro Tiles? Windows 8 came with a lot of new features and changes but the most important and prominent change is New Metro Start Screen with its tiles for apps. Start Screen gives you access to all the applications and programs.

A tile on the Start Screen is created automatically when you install any new application on Windows 8.

Windows 8 does not provide you any option in customizing its tiles, the number of the tiles and rows are adjusted automatically according to the resolution on the display screen. But wait, there is yet a tool called Metro Scaler enabling you to customize the start screen in accordance with your display.

Metro scaler is perfect for Windows 8 as it is easy to use and free toll allowing you to change the dimensions of tiles as per your display.

Here is the way guiding you to customize metro tiles in windows 8 with a metro scaler.

Let’s have a view:

All that you need to do is just:

1: Start the metro scaler

2: Move the slider either right or left

3: Leave it to an appropriate setting

4: Click on the scale button for applying the setting

5: Restart your computer.


How does a Metro Scaler Work?

As you are aware of automatically adjustment of windows 8 start screen to the device screen, so if you want a few tiles on your start screen, you may scale the display tile as 5 by metro scaler.

The moment you set your scale to 5 automatically the metro tiles according to the small not for the big screen will be shown by windows8. In the same way, your tiles scaling can increase up to 25 tiles which sets the start screen for the big screen showing you more tiles on your small.

Overall it’s an efficient application that gives you good results.

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