How To Create A Bootable USB Drive With Windows Installation Files

Note : Before using such apps, you have to make sure that your computer supports USB boot option. In order to check that, go to your BIOS setup and check the booting options. If it has a USB boot option, make it a first priority and then go ahead with the below steps.

1. Download WinToFlash

2. Double click the WinToFlash icon to run the software and click Next

3. It will show you the license agreement, click Agree and then click Next

4. It will ask you for a license file, just click Next (Don’t worry, it’s a free software but if you have a license file, it won’t show you any kind of adds during the transferring process)

5. It will make some configurations and then will show you the main screen













6. As told in the beginning that WinToFlash has 2 mode. The Wizard mode is much easy to follow and required only few clicks. Just click the Wizard button and then click Next

7. Define the locations of your DVD/CD and USB drive and then click Next

8. It will show you again some license agreement, just click i accepted… and click Continue

9. It will show you a warning message, that all data will be removed from the USB. Click Ok

10. After that formatting and the transferring of files will start

11. Once it completes, click Next

12. And it will show you a message saying that Windows setup is transferred. Now you can boot from USB to start the installation of Windows setup

That’s It. You have made a bootable USB drive, which you can use to easily run the installation of Windows on any computer which supports USB boot option.

Advanced Mode

The technical guys if want, they can switch to Advance mode, where you can customize the settings.

1. Clicking the advanced mode will show you a drop down menu with multiple options. Just select the desired one and click Run

2.You can then make the changes and customize it the way you want. Once you are done, click Run

Last Words:

This is really a cool and easy software to use to make a bootable USB with Windows Installation files. And yes ofcourse, with the help of this app, finally my computer is up and running. If you have any other software or tool to recommend, then do share your comments and suggestions at below page commenting section.

Download The Software : WinToFlash

10. After that formatting and the transferring of files will start

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