How To: Create Backup installed Apps Data & Restore them in Windows 8

I know that you all the people’s are waiting for those some type of articles in which you want to know that how we backup and restore installed applications data in Windows 8.
First of all i am just introducing you that Windows 8 was discovered and started with awesome Apps features and full organized Windows 8 Applications Store like Google play store. when we are talking about Windows 8 than suddenly we make sense that Apps are other than Software’s, its functional like Android and iOS applications.
Windows 8 is totally user Friendly and normally users can download any application from the Windows 8 Apps Store.
Windows 8 Applications are being very easy and friendly to use. Windows 8 Apps provides a unique photo editor, whether reports, some chill pill activities like entertainment, etc. presently, if you search apps in the windows apps store where you can see the most attractive online services that is Google, Dropbox, SkyDriveMozy Outlook and more other famous features are available as Apps.

Windows 8 does not have to support any direct way to backup your installed apps so they can be used later.
For backup all the installed apps in Windows 8, we need to process the standard backup option which will back up the complete system and not only one or specified apps. In some cases,
I have installed many kinds of apps and managed them as per my own demands but if I think to reinstall Windows, I will have to managed all the Windows 8 Apps again which can be quite tedious.

Windows 8 Data Back” have the solution for above issue. It can backup all the data from every installed application
and restore it whenever needed like when you reinstall Windows 8 for instance. To restore the backup, you need to
install the same apps from Windows 8 Apps Store because it does not back up the application.

Uses of Windows 8 Data Backup:

Windows 8 Data Backup works without installation but your system must have .Net Framework 4.5 installed on it.
Before you starting the apps, please make sure you have closed all the running Windows 8 Apps otherwise any application that you are running will not be backed up properly through Windows 8 Data Backup.
Now let’s begin Windows 8 Data Backup and click on the Backup button which will load a list of all the installed apps.

Select the applications that you want to backup and click on the Backup Now button.
If you want to select all apps than press ‘Select all’ button and start processing.

When you click on the Backup Now button, it will offer to compress the backup file in a ZIP format.
You can click on the “Yes” button and select the location where you want to save the backup file.
Now all you need to do is wait for some time until the backup is completed.

If you don’t want the backup in ZIP format then you need to choose an empty folder location. The backup file contains lots of folders and files, so it is better to select ZIP backup instead.


Now at first, install the same apps from Windows 8 Apps Store as you did above and then use this application
to restore the installed apps data. Just click on the Restore button and browse the backup file in ZIP format if you have backed up the
files in ZIP format and it will restore the data backup to its original location. You are done.

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