Copy Usb Drive Data Automatically In Your PC with UHCv2.0

Some time ago we shared a post about How To Copy Usb Drive Data Automatically In Your PC. with USB Hidden Copier. Here is the new version of USB Hidden Copier. USB Hidden Copier 2.0 comes with many improvements and features and with the most requested feature so far which is selecting only certain file-types to copy. The best thing is You can choose what do you want to copy (only documents, only audios, only videos, other files only) or a combination of those. Other features included but not limited to:

  • Select which USB you wanna ignore. (Of-course you don’t want to copy your personal USB Drive Data, I’m Sure!)
  • Its in your hand where do you wanna save the copied files.

(Should have at least 10GB of free space. (for Pro version) To prevent filling up the drive, USB Hidden Copier Pro will only  copy a total of 10GB of data which should be more than enough.)

  • Simply install, with less than 3 clicks.
  • Easy to use, Start & Rest. It requires NO monitoring and it runs completely invisible in background.
  • 2X faster than the previous version, professionally tested its bug-free.
  • Fully compatible with all version of Windows OS like XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.

But the bad news is USB Hidden Copier Free version only save 10 MB data copy to your PC at a time.
If you want this type of software, USB Hidden Copier is the most reliable software solution that never fails to amaze me. Download the FREE version and test it for yourself. Make sure to read the ReadMe.txt file included in your USB Hidden Copier archive.

[Download USB Hidden Copier v2.0]

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