Convert A Pen Drive and Hard Drive From FAT32 to NTFS Format

After formatting your hard drive or pen drive or flash drive with FAT32 file system, you must have found that every time you copy a big file you are getting an error. In simpler words you are not able to copy any large file to your hard drive, pen drive or flash drive. So how would you fix this problem? Solution is pretty simple. Change the file system to NTFS. But now you must be thinking how to do it? We will tell you.

Have you got a hard disk formatted using the FAT32 file system? You may find that you cannot copy huge files or documents to that particular drive. So how would you resolve that, and transform the file system onto NTFS? Here is a quick guide.

Scratching your head? Here’s the deal: the FAT32 file system, which most external drives are still shipped with, can’t handle files larger than about 4 GB in size—which means most full-length movies and anything really large, like a virtual machine. If you do try and copy a file, you’ll get an error just like this one:

It’s well worth observing that FAT32 operates just great  virtually any Operating system, but NTFS is normally read-only on Linux system or Macintosh OS X.

onverting the file system directly through command prompt is preferred when there is loads of data in your hard drive or pen drive or flash drive and there is no free space to move them. In such situation, file system is directly converted from FAT32 to NTFS keeping all the files intact.

In our example, the drive letter is G: so the command we’d use is this:

convert G: /FS:NTFS

The conversion process might take a while, especially if you’ve got a really large drive.

After entering the command the conversion process will start. Conversion time is dependent over the size of drive which you are using.

So this is the first method in which the files remain intact and you can easily convert FAT32 in to NTFS. Now we will check the

Second Method:-

Reformat the Drive

If you don’t have a ton of data on the drive, the best bet is to copy any data from the drive to somewhere else, reformat the drive, and then copy the data back. All you have to do is right-click on the drive and choose Format.

When format window appears, select the file system as NTFS and then click Start to format it.

So these are the two methods through which you can convert a pen drive or hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS format.

Finish the format, and copy your data back. Nice and easy.

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