Compress Large Size Pictures Taken From Digital Camera

Usually, pictures taken using digital camera’s are large in size may go up-to 6-7 Megabytes depending on the camera pixel clarity (more megapixel’s means more bytes). Usually if you’re planning to upload all photos you taken using the camera to Facebook, Google plus or blogger, it’ll take years to complete if your internet plan is a slower one. Microsoft Office Picture Manager allows you to reduce the size of selected pictures to less than 350KB or even less very easily & fast.
Steps to reduce the size of selected images
  • Open Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
  • Find pictures copied on your computer from digital camera, using the picture shortcut. For instance, if your image files are copied in D:pictures , then click File > Add Picture Shortcut.. and select the folder.
  • Select required images (or all images by Edit > Select All)

  • Click Picture > Compress Pictures.. Choose from the three compressing options, For documents, web-pages or E-mail messages.
Documents: Suitable for pictures to be used in documents. Recommended for uploading to social networking sites.
Web-pages: For on-screen display and faster page loading.
E-mail messages: For thumbnail display, faster loading and smallest file size.
  • Click OK to compress photos.
  • Click save to re-write the originals or click export to save as new image files.
  • Finished.

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