How to Clear the Thumbnail Cache in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Windows keeps a copy of all of your picture, video, and document thumbnails so they can be displayed quickly when you open a folder. The thumbnail preview problems can be resolved by clearing the thumbnail database and let the system rebuild it as and when required. To do so, use these steps:

Clearing the Thumbnail Cache using Disk Cleanup

1. Click Start, type cleanmgr (or type disk cleanup) and press {ENTER}

2. Click My files only (You may not see this option if you’re using Windows 7)

3. Select the system drive letter from the drop-down.

Uncheck all the entries, except Thumbnails

Click OK, and click Delete Files to confirm.

More Information


The thumbnail database is stored globally in Windows 7 & Windows Vista, unlike Windows XP, where the thumbnail database is stored on a per-folder basis. In Windows 7 & Windows Vista, the default thumbnail cache location is mentioned below:




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