Check Your Site in Different Browser and OS with Browser Stack

The iOS Simulator app is only available for the Mac but if you are Windows or Linux, you can use the Browser Stack site to run the real iOS Simulator directly in your web browser without installing any software.

Why you need iOS Simulator ?

Well there can be many reasons but the main reason can be from the testing purpose like If you create any website and want to see your site in iOS devices so you can watch your site by simulating in you windows browser.The iOS Simulator includes the native Safari app that is very close to the real thing.

To get started,

  • Go and type your username, email and password to create account.

  • After create account, Choose iOS in browser and any device of apple in devices and type the URL of site which you want to test and click on Start Testing button.

  • It will start the process of simulation.

  • Now your site will be shown in iOS device.

  •  You can change any time OS and Browser from right side options and Click Update Button.

Now the free plan offers 30 minutes of testing. And in addition to the iOS Simulator, Browser Stack also includes emulators for various Android devices.


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