How To: Backup All Installed Apps APK File To Android Device

You can backup all your installed applications on your android device with just simple step and great utility called ” Go Backup“.

You can also backup your contacts, Massages and MMS without Rooting with Go Backup

If you want to backup Apps Data, you need to ROOT your device.

Before we start to backup applications you want to know why you may want to backup an Android app as an APK file on your Android device.

Reasons: Why You May Want to Backup an Android App on Your Device

1. You love the app and want to back it up in case it is no longer available on the Android Market.

2. You want to install an app on a device without the Android Market.

3. You are going to be rooting your device or installing a new ROM and you want to have all your apps backed up so you can reinstall them easily.

4. A new version of the app has been released and you are unsure whether you will like the new version. So you backup the existing one before installing the new one.

5. Sometimes you need to send your installed android apps or games to your friends, But unless you have the installation Apk file.

6. You want to share an app with someone in a different country who may not have access to certain apps due to country restrictions.

How To Backup All Your Installed Applications on Android Device

1. First go to Android Market, and Search for “Go Backup” and install.

2. Open “Go Backup” Application from application menu.

3. Click on “Local Backup” to create a backup to your device.

4. Wait for sometime to loading applications list.

5. When loading is completed you see 3 Backup Option 1. User Data 2. System Setting. 3. User Applications.

6. But this time you Click on Option 3 “User Applications“. and select application you want to backup.(If you want to backup all applications click the Tick icon on “User Applications” Menu right side). After Selecting click on “Start Backup” button at the bottom of screen.

7. After the backup completed. Open any File Browser and  go to this location. SDCard/GoBackup.

You can See this Path on first image on this post and change this Path to another location by clicking on Option(3 horizontal DOT) button at the right corner of top.

[Install Go Backup Pro Via Google Play]

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