Automatically Send SMS At Later Time From Android Device

Are you forgetful? Do you often miss to send important messages to your family, friends, or officemates on right time? Well, if yes, then an SMS Scheduler Android application comes to your rescue.

One of the missing components in most mobile handsets today is the ability to auto send SMS messages at later point in time. A mobile application that can automatically send text messages at scheduled time is important especially for those people who want to plan in advance. With SMS Scheduler application installed on your android device, you can be the first to forward birthday greetings to your friends, or remind them for some important events.


SMS Scheduler is an application which helps you send SMS automatically. This application offers a simple editor to compose new messages or load the SMS/Draft from original Messaging application. After setting the estimated send date and time, the SMS can easily add to schedule list and sent automatically at scheduled time.


A simple, clean and easy to use SMS Scheduler.
Pick a time and date, a recipient and a message, and it will be automatically sent for you at the specified time.
You can also specify a repeat option: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

[Download SMS Scheduler Via Google Play]


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