[Android] Recover Deleted Photos From Memory Card

DiskDigger is already a popular Windows app that lets you recover virtually all types of files on your PC. And with the availability of its Android app.

DiskDigger for Android is all you need when you want to recover deleted photos and images from your Android device. Think of DiskDigger as a Recycle Bin, but for Android, which means you can still recover those photos, JPEG files that were accidentally deleted.

How To Use DiskDigger for Android:

1: Download and install DiskDigger for Android at Google Play Store.

2: Launch the app. It should display all the system devices (including the memory card) that you can scan for lost files, as seen below:

3: Select the device to scan (memory card in our case), and then press the “Scan device” button to proceed (you might see a Superuser request window; just press “Allow”).

4: You will then see the main DiskDigger window, which shows you the progress of the scanning, as well as the recoverable files that have been found.

5: You can press on any of the recoverable files, which will show you a preview of the file on the right, as shown below:

6: And finally to recover the deleted files, just tick the recoverable files on checkbox and then hit “Save” or “Email”.

7: You may also take advantage of the Filter function of the app. Just press the “Filter” button to filter the recoverable files based on file type, and file size. This is useful if you want to impose a minimum size on the files shown as below.

Note: If you want to use DiskDigger you will have to have your Android device rooted, but assuming this isn’t an issue the app is free and will do most of the work for you.

Check out Lifehacker’s Guide to rooting your Android phone if you’re interested in taking the first step towards installing apps like DiskDigger.

[Download DiskDigger via Google Play]

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