[Android] Backup Your Text Messages To Gmail All At Once

You cannot quickly trash all SMS text messages saved on your phone. Chances are there might be some good old important information buried down on your inbox that you just missed to look up. While you can always do a quick scan to those SMS text messages stored on your phone, the process could be utterly tiresome especially if you’re dealing with hundreds to thousands of messages.

SMS Backup + as the name suggests, is a free app for Android mobile phones that can copy all SMS messages from the phone to your Gmail account with a click. It can save both your incoming and outgoing messages to Gmail.

To Get Started:

First enable IMAP in your Gmail account available under Gmail Settings – > Forwarding and POP/IMAP – > Enable IMAP.

Scroll down and click Save Changes. That’s the only configuration you’ll need to do within your Gmail account.

Installing and Configuring SMS Backup+

It’s time to install SMS Backup+. Hit up the Google Play Store and download the app.  After the application is installed,

Next launch the SMS backup app on your phone, The first step is to set up the connection to your Gmail account.

Tap Connect. The default browser on your Android phone will launch and you’ll be prompted to login to the Gmail account you want to use for backing up your messages.

Enter your Google account credentials, After you login you’ll need to authorize SMS Backup+ to utilize your Google account like so:

Click Grant Access. You’ll be prompted to begin a backup immediately or skip the initial backup:

Click Backup, we didn’t come all this way not to back things up! If you hit Skip then all the messages on your phone will be flagged as already backed up and will be ignored.

The backup process will start, and depending on how many messages you have, will take anywhere from a minute to a half hour to complete. It clips along at about a message per second:

You don’t even have to wait until the process is finished to jump over to the Gmail account and check the progress. Login to your Gmail account from a web browser. You’ll see a new label in the sidebar, SMS. Click on it:

Success! SMS Backup+ automatically backs up your SMS messages as well as your MMS messages. Not only are all of our text messages there but the pictures we’ve sent back and forth are backup up to Gmail along with the messages.

The best part is that as new text messages arrive, or you send one, the app will automatically save them to Gmail in the background without you having to do anything.

Note: Backup might not work reliably when SMS Backup+ is installed on the SD card. Future version will hopefully fix this, in the meantime please move it back to phone memory if possible.

[Download SMS Backup+ via Google Play]

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