5 Free Games for Android

With the popularity of Android phones and tablets increasing substantially day by day, there has been a huge increase in the number of apps available for this platform. In one way this is fantastic, news but in another rather perplexing as one often has to wade through a sea of second-rate apps in order to find the worthwhile ones. However, if you are the patient type and don’t mind spending a little time sorting out the good from the bad, you’ll be delighted to find some stellar free games on offer.

Here are 5 free games to consider:

Angry Birds

This wildly popular iOS game made a move to Android some time ago and managed to earn well over 2 million downloads during its first week alone. The bonus about the Android version is that it’s free – in comparison with the Apple release which is paid for. The downside is that there are a few adverts which pop up on the screen, but free is still free.

Gem Miner

In brief, in the world of Gem Miner you are a mole-like creature which digs metals and other treasures out of the ground. The game itself centres around your ability to manage the raw materials which you find and sell and thus upgrade your ‘digging powers’ which in turn allows you to buy more sophisticated and efficient digging tools and maps. Challenges along the way in the form of rockfalls and other hazards keep you dodging and diving and constantly on the go.


Jewelsis a relatively straightforward fun ‘match-3 puzzle game’. Graphics are clean and the game runs smoothly. There are four game modes available, namely: normal, timed, quick and infinite. However if you do decide to play this game on your tablet, be sure to disable the Sprite filtering as it does slow down the game which can be frustrating at times.

Poker Master

If you are interested in poker you may want to give this app a try. This is the perfect way to improve your poker skills as it shows you all the odds of all the hands so that you are able to hone your skills and stand a better chance of winning should you decide to gamble at an actual casino or an ipad casino. Adverts do appear frequently on the screen, but can be removed after 2 minutes for free.

Action Potato

The gist of this game is that there are 3 pots which you control and by pressing on these pots you make them jump into the air in order to catch potatoes. While this sounds rather simple and tedious, it is one of those games that can be rather addictive.

All available for download from Google Play.

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