14 Useful Gmail Email Settings That Should Not Be Missed

Gmail, known for its faster access & reliability, is one of the best free email provider that offers unlimited (or ever increasing?) mailbox space (Currently 7356 MB) with user friendly internet mail client. Apart from the basic mail settings available on other free email services, Gmail also has other settings that you might never use before , but may be useful for you in the near future. All of these settings are available from the Gmail “Settings” page.  How to Use Gmail in Offline Mode?  Google Gears makes it so explains its extented ability to be accessed in the offline mode(when your network is not connented to Internet).

Here are the 15 Gmail settings that you probably miss out. So, configuring & customizing your Gmail account that suits your taste will be quite useful to you.

1- Gmail display language – if your mother tongue is Italiano, Bahasa Indonesia etc. , why don’t you try Gmail with some local flavors?

2- Maximum page size – 50 email documents in one page is too much clutter? Set it to 25!

3- My picture – send out your email attached with avatars automatically, so people recognizes you faster.

4- Personal level indicators – turn off the arrows on your mail document list if you find it annoying. I prefer to have it turned on soI can differentiate an email from a mailing list from personal emails.

5- Snippets – turn off / on snippets (message excerpts) besides your mail document list.

6- Vacation Responder – have Gmail automatically reply for each one of your email, useful when you are out of the office for a few days.

7- Send mail as – use a different address as your sender’s email address (From:). Imagine sending an email via your Gmail and ask the recipient to reply to another alternate email address.

8- Mail Fetcherget other email documents from other POP email accounts displayed inside your Gmail. Great to combine multiple accounts into one.

9- Filters – automatically sort received email documents from different recipients to specific folders / labels. Comes with multiple filter types.

10- Forwarding – send a copy of each newly arrived emails to another email account. For backup maybe?

11- POP Download / IMAP Accessaccess your Gmail email documents from your desktop email client, online or offline.

12- My Clips – show or disable web clips (news headlines, Gmail tips, blogs, any RSS and Atom feed, relevant sponsored links, and more). Useful to show instant updates of your favorite RSS feeds.

13- Gmail Labs – Try out the experimental stuff from the gmail team & experience the innovative facilities in your Gmail account.

14- Themes – Give your Gmail account more interesting looks & feels by choosing your Gmail theme form a variety of Gmail themes pack.

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